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We do both, we can sell and deliver the turf for those who choose to do a “do-it-yourself” project, obviously saving some money. We also do a complete project from the planning to ground removal and preparation, and finishing with a professional and warrantable installation.

All of our synthetic turf is manufactured in the U.S.A. and carries a standard 8-year factory warranty.

Depending on how many times you water your lawn, the average system pays for itself in about 3 years.

There are several answers to this question. The best answer is simply that we are absolutely committed to offering a great product and an even better service. There are many great products on the market, but we really feel that if given the opportunity, you will see why Tucson Turf will be the future of artificial turf in Tucson. With our local ties and experience dealing with our issues with real grass in Tucson we feel we have some definite advantages over larger national companies here in our community. Because of our low overhead we can assure you receive the best products at the best prices.

There are many reasons why you want to use a licensed contractor:

  • Arizona requires contractors to be licensed to bid or work on any project over $750 (materials + labor)
  • Arizona Licensed Contractors are tested and licensed under the Arizona Registrar of Contractors
  • Arizona Licensed Contractors are bonded and must carry liability insurance
  • Arizona Licensed Contractors carry Workman’s Compensation insurance
  • Arizona Licensed Contractors are responsible for paying federal, state, and local taxes on materials and labor
  • Arizona Licensed Contractors are legally bound to stand behind their workmanship
  • The State Registrar of Contractors offers financial protection to residential consumers who use licensed contractors through its Residential Contractors’ Recovery Fund. By hiring someone without a license, a homeowner forfeits his or her ability to submit a claim to the recovery fund or to have the ROC require the unlicensed person to correct faulty work. Using the ROC as a resource, Arizonans can determine if a contractor holds a current license, is in good standing or is suspended, has a complaint history, or is working with a revoked or suspended license. Unlicensed contractors may not meet the standards required for performance or compliance to the various building codes that may be applicable. Poor workmanship and non-compliance can cost you dollars! Are you willing to risk your money? When obtaining estimates for your project, make sure to use only licensed contractors. Using an unlicensed contractor could be equated to spinning the roulette wheel!

Tucson Turf, LLC is a licensed contractor! (ROC# 257111)

Yes we do! Your personal information will never be shared with anyone unless you approve it in advance. Many times, prospective customers ask us to provide names and phone numbers of past customers so they can speak to them about our product and services. We do not give out any contact information until we talk to the previous customer and get specific approval to do so. Even the testimonials and pictures that appear on our website are there only with the customer’s permission. Maintaining your privacy is very important to us!

As we all know we have had some difficult times the last several years and this has led many people to work outside their normal comfort zone or specialty services. As artificial turf continues to get more popular, more and more unqualified people have offered to sell and install turf. We feel that this has only helped Tucson Turf stand out as Tucson’s #1 choice for artificial turf. We get numerous calls monthly regarding unfinished work or unqualified workers trying to install turf…and obviously many horror stories. Most of these calls start with a common theme, “We thought we would try and save some money.” This statement may be true but we have seen that in the long run there is no savings. In addition there are some really cheap artificial turf products being sold for cheap. The service behind these products usually go hand in hand with the products and prices. We appreciate and respect our competition but we also know that we have some very unique advantages over the larger national companies and certainly over these landscapers trying to jump into a specialty service such as artificial turf. One quote to remember, “Whenever my knee hurts I certainly don’t call my dentist…no matter how much money he can save me.”

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